Delhi University Snatches Away Food Subsidy From PwD Students For The Time Being

Recently, the reports have come out of students saying that DU has withdrawn 50% of food subsidy on mess from PWD i.e physically or mentally disabled and handicapped students.

The students have made claims saying that they have were being provided with subsidy since 2012 when a proposal was given to DU by disabled students demanding a separate hostel for them.
But as an outcome of the proposal they were given 5% reservation in the hostel seats as well as they were provided with food in mess at subsidised rates.

But since last two-three months i.e. july this subsidy has been withdrawn by hostels like Mansarovar, Ambedkar and CIE and the PWD students are also paying the same rates as the other students.

“From this session onwards,the hostels like Mansarovar, CIE and Ambedkar have already stopped giving subsidy and soon the other hostels will stop giving at subsidised rates too as soon as their funds get exhausted”-, a student resident from University Hostel for Women was quoted saying.

Delhi University Snatches Away Food Subsidy

Sources claim that DU has not been at the receptive end of any funds for subsidy from UGC since it had not signed the Tripartite MoU sent by the HRD ministry.

The agreement, as mentioned in previous articles was sent by HRD to the varsity last year and it has to sign the same to continue receiving funds.

Another official from the varsity was quoted saying-“The university had been giving the subsidy from 2012 on its own. It was not receiving any funding for it. It is not that we have withdrawn it. We will continue to give it. There have been some procedural changes and we are working them out so that this can be continued.”

The point is that just because of one MoU, the story has stretched on to become a problem that has stooped down to the student’s level.We students hope and wish that the university as well as HRD would soon understand how far reaching the effects of their single speck of actions and ignorance have on students.

Stay tuned…!

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