140 Students Earn Spots in DU’s VC Internship Program

The University of Delhi (DU) has proudly announced the selection of 140 outstanding students for its prestigious Vice Chancellor Internship Scheme (VCIS) for the 2024-2025 academic session. This initiative, designed to provide students with practical experience and enhance their academic journey, is set to run from June to July 2024.

Financial Support and Flexible Commitment

Each intern selected for the VCIS will receive a stipend of Rs 10,500, providing financial support while they gain valuable work experience. The internship requires a commitment of 20 hours per week, offering flexibility to balance academic responsibilities with professional development. Upon successful completion, interns will be awarded a certificate from the Dean of Students’ Welfare, adding a significant credential to their academic profiles.

The selection process for this internship was rigorous and competitive. The Dean Students’ Welfare (DSW) office meticulously reviewed applications and conducted group discussions (GDs) from May 13 to 15. The eligibility criteria were stringent, with only those students who achieved a Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) of 8.18 or above in their last semester exam being considered for the group discussions. Out of the 1,542 students who met this benchmark and were invited for the GD, the final selection saw 140 students being chosen for the internship.

The VCIS is part of DU’s broader strategy to foster a culture of experiential learning and professional readiness among its students. Interns will be placed in various departments and projects within the university, where they will work closely with faculty members and administrative officials. This hands-on experience is expected to provide insights into university operations, research projects, and administrative functions, thereby broadening the interns’ understanding and skills.

Encouragement for Future Applicants

Students who were not selected for the internship are encouraged to apply for other opportunities and to continue striving for academic and extracurricular excellence. The university aims to expand the VCIS and similar programs in the coming years to accommodate more students and provide even more enriching experiences.

A Stepping Stone to Success

As the 140 selected interns prepare to embark on their new roles, the University of Delhi stands proud of its commitment to nurturing talent and providing pathways to success for its students. The VCIS is not just an internship; it is a stepping stone towards a promising future for these young scholars.

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