DU invites CES applications 

Competency enhancement scheme

Delhi University on Monday has launched the admission brochure t invite applications for competency enhancement courses. This allows students of any age group to enroll for regular and skill-enhancement courses. As per the University officials, the registration programme will commence on the 10th of June. To make the programme accessible, the university has reduced the fees from ₹10000 to ₹ 6000.  

“Professor Sanjoy Roy, Director of the Institute of Lifelong Learning, the nodal coordinating institute for the programme, said, “After consultations and meetings the major observations were that the course fees should be reduced so that many more people can take admission. Admissions will be on merit and the number of seats in a course is open to a maximum of 10% of the total class strength, or six seats, whichever is less.” Hindu reported.  

Fundamentals of the CES programme 

  1. Commencement: –

The registration as per the brochure will commence on 10th June 2024.  

  1. Eligibility criteria: –

Any person who fulfils the minimum eligibility criteria or prerequisites mentioned per the course is eligible to apply. The merit will be decided based on the age and marks percentage obtained in the qualifying degree 

  1. Total number of seats:

The university quoted that, “The number of seats in a course open for this Scheme shall be a maximum of 10% of the total strength of the class of that course or 6 seats, whichever is less” 

Registration requirements: –

  1. Candidates must have a no-objection certificate from the employer or the parent university at the time of registration 
  1. Number of papers allowed: –

At a single time a student will be allowed to have 2 papers or eight credits in a semester from the same discipline.  

  1. Awards and certifications:

The university quoted that, “: On fulfilling the criteria as laid down in the University norms, a candidate who registered for 1-2 papers, after successful completion of the same, the credits earned shall be deposited in his/her account in the Academic Bank of Credits and a certificate shall also be issued after fulfilling attendance criteria and completing the evaluation process as applied to the regular students.” 

Links for necessary details 

Download official brochure from here: – https://illl.du.ac.in/ces.html 

To see the list of papers offered by the college  


Or you can assess it from the official website itself. 

Brochure’s statement regarding expected outcomes 

Official brochure stated regarding the expected outcomes of the scheme as follows: – 

“Enhancement of Entrepreneurs’ business through implementation of new skill/technology acquired.  

  1. Improvement in the managerial skills of low/middle level management personnel through management courses.  
  2. Fulfilment of dreams to pursue higher studies by those who could not do so earlier due to socio-economic conditions or lack of requisite merit during the relevant time.  
  3. Enhancement of the qualifications/knowledge/skill of Senior Citizens enabling them to continue to play an important role.  
  4. by learning to use latest technology/machine, conventional artisans, craftsmen, or workers shall improve their skills thus upgrading their skills from traditional system to use of modern equipment.  
  5. Learning with young and vibrant students shall build confidence, enthusiasm and instill a sense of purpose.  
  6. Effective utilization of the University resources for the benefit of the people at large. 
  7.  Enhance student mobility by allowing students enrolled in other universities/institution to avail the opportunity of studying one to two papers in a semester from the University of Delhi without having to enroll for a programme of study.  
  8. Enable the society at large to cope up with ever evolving needs of business/workspace. 

In a nutshell 

Thus, in a nutshell we can say that learning is a lifelong activity. Delhi University has considered the fact and allowed the learners to learn the courses with the updated version as per the era to improve the overall competency of an individual. Thus, it seems to be plausible for you to enroll here if you are a keen learner irrespective of your age. This will allow you to get the accreditation from Delhi University and also will add on to your cv with the additional skills that you have learned. However it is also necessary here to fulfill the eligibility criteria in order to get enrolled in desired courses. Therefore, Competency enhancement scheme is a way forward for those who want to get their step with time. 


The hindu, Official CES brochure DU

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