Amid AISA protests, Dharmendra Pradhan missed yoga day! 

AISA protests against Paper leaks!

Over the constant paper leaks of top examinations in India, the All India Students Association(AISA)led a protest at the North campus of Delhi. Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan was about to attend the Yoga Day ceremony which was scheduled for 6 am. Du Officials mentioned that he could not attend the ceremony due to some ‘urgent work’. 

However, AISA claims that the education minister could not attend the ceremony due to apprehension of protests going on. The enragement is due to Constant allegations of paper leaks in examinations of NEET, and UGC NET. This has sheened the entire student community with apprehension of irregularities in the institutions. 

Although the minister had accepted the moral responsibility for the irregularities. They promised to set up a committee to have reforms in NTA proceedings. However, such matters as paper leaks can’t be drowned in a pit.  

All the activists were holding black flags demonstrating against the paper leaks in top examinations of India. “In response to the sheer audacity of Pradhan to even think of coming to DU while he and his NTA have jeopardized the future of students, AISA activists along with students at Delhi University raised black flags and protested against his presence in the university,” the association said in a statement. 

The engagement was up to the extent that students were demanding the resignation of the minister 

 In a nutshell, we can conclude that this humongous amount of engagement can be seen because of the tradition of paper leaks. This ended up with protests when the most reputed examinations such as NEET, and NET examinations were victims of institutional failures. Such progression is havoc for students, especially in a scenario where it takes years of preparation to crack such examinations. In a nation where the Supreme Court questioned the ‘sanctity’ of the examination. It is plausible to argue that we must take special steps to deal with such problems. 


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