Soap Operas to Reality Shows: The Absurdity of Indian Television - DU Beat

The evenings in almost every house today is spent watching the daily soaps with family. There may be difference in choices of family members regarding which serial to watch. But, the ultimate goal is to have some entertainment.

The sole purpose of daily soaps is to entertain people. But today, most of them revolve around women as a perfect homemaker and around love. Many of these serials show that the BAHU of the house is a perfect homemaker.

She selflessly takes care of everyone around us. And never complains about anything. Many times she is also ignored by the family. But she still loves them unconditionally.

She never thinks about herself and keeps working 24×7. She trusts everyone without fail. But often her trust is broken by her family members.


Are these apprehensions of woman in a daily soap equivalent to what happens in reality ? How many of us can trust a person even after it being broken frequently? After working hard all day, how can we not demand some quality time for ourselves ? Is it justified to not demand respect and attention in the family ?

The common answer to all the above questions is that we CANNOT SURVIVE LIKE DAILY SOAPS BAHUS IN REALITY.

According to me, a perfect woman or a perfect homemaker is the one who takes care of herself but is not selfish. The one who is confident in her own self and fights for rights. She deals with life pragmatically and not simply by trusting everyone blindly. The one who TAKES REST. She is also the one who treats herself equally with everyone else.

Daily soaps should also try to link their plots with reality in order to promote EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN in reality too. The viewers should be encouraged to respect WOMEN and not treat them like OBJECTS.