• Keep a fixed amount in your hand

If you will know the specified amount of money you have with yourself, you will spend accordingly. Because you have to meet all your expenses from that amount only. 

  • Prioritize your expenses

Purchasing a register might be more important than trying out a new cafe from Hudson Lane. Do all your important purchases first and then use the leftover money for  spending on the less important errands.

  • Maintain an expenditure journal

If you have a problem of having no idea where all your money goes, try writing down the expenditures you’ve done in a day on a notepad. This will surely make you more cautious.

  • Budgeting apps

A lot of budgeting mobile apps these days like Mint, PocketGuard, etc. are in fashion. They help you to easily track down all your expenses.

  • Try saving as much as you can

Saving money can give you a next level satisfaction. Try saving a little money on a daily basis for the end of the month. You can do that by walking to the college from your PG instead of taking a rickshaw and so on.