Manage Time Like a Boss!

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” – Zig Ziglar, author 


College life though always portrayed as fun, laid back and relaxing, in reality is really time crunching. Managing a bulky syllabus, extracurricular activities, society work and at the same time having a social life can get a bit taxing.

Most importantly we are all DUites; part of the most happening university in the country. DU is the university that never sleeps .It’s always bustling with activities, events, conferences and internships from which we can learn a lot and gain knowledge.

At this juncture all students are out there are trying to make a stand for themselves while exploring their interests and passion. Creating a balance and managing time wisely is imperative; as right now we are out of our cocoons and exposed to the world where we have to deal with situations ourselves.

What do you say to yourself about time? Take a moment to reflect on any excuses or justifications you make for time, and write down the ones that come to your mind.

Are your reflections positive ended or do they tail up to the same conclusion that there is too much to do with too little of time? It’s easy to blame our ‘lack of hours’ on mad work schedules or other people. Well, it’s time to own up and take charge — and you can use the below tracking tools to beat the clock.


As the famous Greek proverb goes- “Know Thyself”. You must first discover the way you utilize time, everyone has a unique way. Our mind and body sets our schedule in a particular setting according to the circumstances we are in. But we must be smart enough to refuse succumb to the whims of our mind.

1) Create a layout of your college schedule: This includes classes, society meetings and other miscellaneous events.

2) Create a time log to analyze how you use your time. You need to check in every hour and make an entry as to how you have spent it.


3) Ask yourself these questions-

> Do you allow others to waste your time? Who and how?

> What could you do with this time if you ‘saved’ it?

> Looking back at your time log, how have other people influenced your use of time?

Are you spending time with the people you really want to be with (on the weekends, for instance)?

In college we need to dig solutions for the issues on our own. Managing time is the biggest dilemma faced by students. This can be due to many reasons mostly rooted to the answers of the questions above. Wastage of time might be forceful, influential or even involuntary sometimes. The most important thing is to ask the right questions, tap out the reason and tackle it smartly.

Success with a peace of mind is something every individual seeks. To fine tune our skills and bring out the best in us….we definitely have to be in the good books of time.

Have you got yourselves a notepad and pen to jot down actions you can take right now to make your life more time efficient?

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