7 Types of Students You’ll See During Exams

With exams approaching, we’ve all discussed a zillion times on our respective WhatsApp groups the amount of syllabus left, what we’re leaving out, the study schedules we’re hoping to follow and which paper we’re flunking. In all these conversations and all these groups, there are a few typical people you’ll come across. We bring to you a list of 7 types of people you’ll see around you during exams.

1. Those who keep a pace with the class, learn the lessons daily and sometimes are even ahead of the whole class. They can give an exam anywhere anytime.


2. Those who study 2-3 months before the exams and try to cover as many books and questions as possible.


3. Those who keep forgetting the exam date and every time someone tells them the date, they will go into a state of shock and it continues.


4. Those who start studying when only a month is left and try to cover as many chapters as possible or they will buy the holy grail 10 year book.


5. Those who start studying when only few weeks are left and just read important topics and beg for notes


6. Those who are totally dependent on their tuition classes.


7. Those who were partying the whole time, try to convince as many Gods as possible. Class toppers are like their saviors on the day of examination.

So which of these are you? Whatever the case, we hope you manage to ace these exams.
All the best!

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  1. I am deepak..! Same thing on apply on me.!
    But I am little bit confuse that which category should I belong. I love to learn new things agree from mehak but in computer… And now what I am doing this is completely isolate.! Ahhh frustrated don’t have solution what to do!

    • Hi Deepak ! Don’t be confused, may be you belong to multiple categories. At this age , most of us are frustrated because we are uncertain about our future. I am sure you will figure your way out. Good luck 🙂


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