How Hard it is to Move On

He said, “I can’t live like this anymore.”

She replied “It’s been 2 years now.”

He answered, “I’m fed up of this.”


And he left banging the door.

She cried, she cried really hard, unanswered questions, broken heart and memories were scattered everywhere. She tried hard to forget him, but memories never let her do that. She never wanted this life of pain and sorrow. And she tried.


She picked up the broken pieces and did what she wanted. She wanted to be ‘Herself’, in the last 2 years she was lost somewhere. The real she was missing. She decided to ‘Move On’ coz she knew that the world ahead is far more beautiful and powerful than before. And today, she believes in love coz she has fallen in love with herself in a true way.


I wonder how difficult it is to move on. How difficult it is to be oneself? How difficult it is to stop loving someone? How difficult it is to live a life of your choice?

A relationship can only be successful if you’re playing your own role. Just to make someone happy, never change yourself. It’s not love when it’s not you.


It’s natural to experience sadness, regret and anger; they are the ‘obvious’ elements of the grieving process. But if you want to get rid off this emotional phase, then the solution is right next you; Well it’s you. Be strong, think from your mind, and think what you missed all this time. You need to emotionally reconnect with yourself coz if you don’t focus on yourself, how you will find a way to heal your wounds.


Spend a day alone, visit the unseen and unheard places, meet the known and the unknown,  party hard, celebrate your freedom, meet your friends, hang out with them, share some dirty jokes and truthful secrets, walk on an empty road, dance like crazy, eat whatever you want, dress up like zombies, behave like a child, play in mud, sing in public, break traffic rules, spend some time with your grandparents and family, visit an orphanage, cook something, invent your own recipe, go crazy, watch your favourite cartoons, mimic someone, call your enemy, thank those you want too, find love ones again, fall in love with yourself and most importantly, Be the real you.


How difficult is to do all these?


Almighty gave you only one life, don’t waste it by regretting or waiting for someone. Live it to the fullest extent permitted by you.

And in any case that ‘someone’ knocks your door again then tells that person,

“I don’t like you but I hate you even more”

“Move On”.

By Shruti Mehra,
Writer – DU Times

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