CMO Delhi unveils “Delhi Corona” app

While capital recording highest single-day spike in cases numbering 1,298 last day, Chief Minister Arwind Kejriwal amidst launched an app named “Delhi Corona” for providing information regarding vacant beds and ventilators in city-designated Covid 19 hospitals.

The “Delhi Corona” app he said will go a long way in filling the information gap on the availability of hospital beds. “There are 6,731 beds as against 2,600 patients in Delhi government hospitals and around 4,100 beds are vacant. But people are unable to gather information on where they will receive adequate treatment and on availability of beds, etc. They have no idea what to do if that happens. To bridge that gap in information, we have launched this app,” CMO, asserted.

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, he said, and further adding to that data related to beds and ventilators at city hospitals can also be accessed on the web on The information will also be shared via SMS with those dialling the helpline number 1031, Kejriwal said. CMO issued the WhatsApp number (8800007722) for this purpose as well.

Download the app here,

CMO Delhi also stated that, “If you are denied a bed in a hospital, after information on the availability of beds in that hospital, you can call 1031 then and there. Your complaint will be notified to our Special Secretary, Health, and your complaint will be resolved and the bed will be made available to you,” reports, The Hindu.

Delhi Congress Chief, Ch. Anil Kumar on Tuesday said, the launch of the “Delhi Corona” app by the Delhi government was a pointless exercise as Chief Minister Arwind Kejriwal has been concealing the actual figures of deaths and patients. The app was launched to divert the attention of the people from the ground reality, which was that due to the lack of beds in government hospitals.

It is noteworthy, here that, the data in the app will be updated twice a day, i.e. 10 am and 6 pm.

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