Google Pixel: A Brief Overview

Gone are the days when only IOS backed phones were the high-end gadgets that one would own in order to make a statement. With...
Data Breach Notification system

Mozilla’s Firefox Monitor: Data Breach Notification System

In today's world without Internet our life is incomplete. Internet is an  essential need of today's world. Internet web is so large that it includes...
Top Online Courses

Top Online Courses To Boost Your Resume

We’ve always wanted to pursue certain courses to hone our skills and work on our interests; however due to paucity of time earlier never...

The Word ‘Tapestry’ and How AI Ruined It

It is a common trope in sci-fi where a human creation becomes a threat to its creators.  Works like ‘Frankenstein’ or movies like ‘The...

AI tools you must know !

How smart you are with AI? Artificial intelligence tools are something proliferating in workplaces. They have nearly substituted many tasks that require a lot of...

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DU releases its UG academic calendar 

Delhi University Publishes Undergraduate Academic Calendar  On Tuesday, Delhi University released its academic calendar for undergraduate programmes. Classes are expected to be initiated on August...

The Looming Mental Health Crisis: An Epidemic on the Horizon 

  Towards a Mental Health Epidemic: Addressing the Crisis   After the emergence of COVID mental health is one of the aspects where limelight spotted. When people...

“It is clear that sanctity of NEET has been compromised” 

Examining the Integrity of NEET: A Crisis of Trust Amid protests and echoes of a NEET re-test by students and organisations, alleging irregularities in the...

Unlocking the Therapeutic Benefits of Playing the Flute 

From Novice to Maestro: The Journey and Benefits of Learning the Flute Flute as an instrument has a wide-ra impact on the player and the...

Delay in CUET results is a test of patience!

The Waiting Game: CUET Results and Student Anxiety Amid Neet UG scam allegations, NTA is working on reforms to the examination system. However, the results of...