Is Technology making us the emoticon of our keypad?

21st century, the Era of ‘technology’

An era characterized by rapid expansion of liberalization, urbanization and globalization where technology plays a vital role in our day-to-day lives. Technology is supposed to make people more connected through social media, email, instant messaging, which have become important facts of our life.

However, Internet skeptics have argued that indirect online communication encourages isolation and prevents real friendship from building up. So is it true that technology is actually getting in the way of real socializing? Does technology makes us alone?

According to psychologist Jung,”Loneliness doesn’t come from being unable to communicate that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which other find inadmissible.” He predicted the state of human mind addicted to technology.

The alienation from face to face communication results with worsened social skills and unnatural behavior when “virtually socialized” people find themselves in real life and modernization have taken its pace and both are doing well at their own place. Again it is the humans who are getting into it and are on the verge of forgetting how to communicate with each other. The world today is so advance with so many social media, application where connecting is a blink of an eye, but then when it comes to a family trip, a get together connecting with one another in reality seems long gone. People are so busy adapting the development that they seem to forget themselves. In the days without technology and social media people used to manage to have contact with one another and they were connected by hearts. Now people are more concerned about what status and which selfie they will upload in social media rather than just enjoying the moment.Joint families living together in a small house were replaced by small families living in villas and they use cellphones to communicate one another within the same house. The life of the people has been trapped in those keypad emoticon like never before.

musicMusic has become an important part of our life. Can we imagine life without music? Nowadays it is a common phenomenon where people use headphones to listen to music irrespective of the place and therefore having a conversation with the person sitting next to them has become quite different, in order to make everything right, we need to make a change starting today itself. A real good conversation with our beloved ones, our mother or father makes a huge difference in their lives as well as ours, they couldn’t be more happier than that.Some relationships are precious, don’t lose them on the way to reach the top of the world.



Today, we talk about success, money and power but we tend to forget to talk about the importance of human relationship.

Go get a cup of coffee with your favorite person and have a good conversation. Your existence is valued by someone, don’t just let it go in vain.




Amisha L Phukan | Content Writer | DU Times