Mozilla’s Firefox Monitor: Data Breach Notification System

In today’s world without Internet our life is incomplete. Internet is an  essential need of today’s world. Internet web is so large that it includes things from surfing to online shopping to social media and lot more. As the use is becoming more and more common new problems are arising. One of the problem is data protection. There is always a fear of data like username and password of email to be stolen from a website you use.

Data Breach Notification system
In this situation Firefox Monitor comes up as a solution which notifies people when they’ve been part of a data breach. Mozilla’s Firefox Monitor lets you know if your email address has been a part of a data breach. There is an email address bar to conduct a basic scan. Mozilla claims that the email address entered for the basic scan will not be stored.
A similar service was launched by the Have I Been Pwned site but Mozilla could bring more traffic to its own site as it has larger audience already because of its Web browser. The application was tested in June and now it has been launched globally.

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