Delhi University Gets Over Rs 3 Crore In Revaluation Fees, Reveals RTI

An RTI filed by a Delhi University law student has revealed that the University earned over Rs 3 crores in fees paid by students for...

The ‘PINJRATOD’ protest gained momentum!

The Pinjratod collective which has organised a protest today which started by four this evening in front of the arts faculty at DU, has...

Stuck in the Odd-Even Dilemma?

A lot has been said and analysed about the new rule initiated by AAP government in Delhi.Though DU students have been exempted from this...
Operation Samudra Setu

Operation Samudra Setu Completed

On May 5, 2020 operation Samudra Setu was launched by the government of India. It was a part of the national efforts to evacuate...

Schools in green and orange zones likely to reopen

The Central Government on Monday announced that the schools may begin reopening by July. The reopening will be zone-wise starting with green and orange...

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