The story of Jeyaraj and Fenix

The custodial death of Father and son duo from Tamil Nadu’s Totticurin district has shaken the whole nation. Police brutality is one trending topic going on these days and even after a disastrous incident happened in the United States which embarked a lot of social media attention, It seems like nothing has really changed. The incident happened back here was barbaric and extremely intolerant.
The state government has not yet taken any action or filed an F.I.R against the police personnel who is involved in the torture and death of the victims.
The incident happened because of a very pity issue of them opening their mobile shop after 8:00 pm, according to some reports it was not even 8:00 when police got their hands on them and took them to the police station for questioning. They were tortured for two days straight. Their knees were smashed and crushed with sticks and their faces were pushed against the wall and their chest hair ripped off. Their was a great deal of damage inflicted on their genitalia. People are condemning such acts and hashtags are trending over social media.


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