Delhi Cheif Minister Clarifies On COVID-19 Beds Availability

Delhi Chief Minister said on Saturday that there is no deficiency of beds for coronavirus patients and cautioned the clinics against dismissing the suspected...

Twitter deactivates Amul Account, restores later

Twitter temporarily deactivated or restricted the twitter handle of Amul, an Indian dairy company. The action has been taken after the company came up...

Ground Reality: Common man struggling to get hospital beds and life-saving medicines

While the government is trying hard to hide the horrifying figures of the increase in the number of cases as well as deaths caused...
Online Examinations

Online Examinations : A dilemma for Students

The Examination Cell of the University  of Delhi, On Thursday 14th May, 2020 issued a circular in which, Online Examinations were proposed for all...

Guidelines for Open Book Examination, Issued by DU’s Dean (Prof. Vinay Gupta)

After Delhi University released a tentative date sheet for first time OBE (open book examination), Dean of DU Prof. Vinay Gupta decided to provide...

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Daniel’s Main question concerning religion

Main question:The primary question that was asked within his philosophical expositions pertaining to the domain of religion was that can science study religion, but...

Dennett & his second question concerning natural basis for religion

INTRODUCTION:Daniel further expands his vision in order to answer the crucial question pertaining to religion in the sense that he asks this very pertinent...

John Hick and problem with religious philosophy

Introduction:Religion is the force that binds people together with fellow beings and man with god as well. It is the existence of the divine...

The Solution: Religious Pluralism

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