Cerberus Trojan Virus, a software threat to your personal informations. Beware of it.

Cerberus Trojan Virus, an ill-natured software threat trying to steal your money and personal information and use it against you. This virus comes via SMS and impersonates as an app or a link providing important information about Covid-19. Once a receiver/customer downloads or click on the link, this software steals all your information regarding your bank information, credit card information, and other personal information. This virus sometimes tricks a person to share his/her personal information and can take all your two-way authentication information.
Central Board of Investigation confirmed this Virus and alerted all the states and central agencies about this virus. CBI confirmation was based on inputs received from INTERPOL.
SBI warned their customer about this Virus via Twitter and asked them not to fall for any such traps and don’t click on links provided by unknown numbers. In the post, they tried to warn their customer by stating three Loks, First one is Swarg Lok where the customer is aware of all the frauds and is vigilant against them, Second is Dharti Lok where the customer is aware of such frauds and still click on the unknown links and the Third is Pataal Lok where the customer clicks on these unknown links and becomes a victim of such frauds. It is said that this post is inspired by a web series known as Pataal Lok.
Cerberus Trojan Virus is trying to take advantage of this pandemic situation and make fool of the people. Beware of this virus. Don’t click on unknown links, don’t share your bank details and don’t download apps suggested by unknown numbers. Believe only trusted sites mainly government for updates and information regarding Covid-19. Make your relatives and people you know about this Virus and stop them from being a victim of such frauds.

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