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DON: Daily Offers & News Earn, Save and Stay Updated - Discover great deals, news and stories. Rating: 4.2 Star Google Play Store URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.don.offers Don is the...
Things Book Lover Will Understand

Things Only A Book Lover Will Understand

1. BOOKS ARE ADDICTIVE Others might get addicted to drugs but for you books are the nicotine.  For you books are much more addictive...

What Do You Prefer Dear Audiences? The Book or the Movie?

Book enthusiasts and movie lovers are constantly debating which medium tells a better story, which medium is more effective in eliciting a response. There...

A traveler’s paradise: Travel Cafés in Delhi

Coffee with a bunch of LIVE travel story narration. Hearing the experiences of different travelers, befriending them or planning future trips/events with them. Like...

Vayam Performing Arts Society: From Campus Lawns To Professional Arena

Vayam Performing Arts Society, a registered organization under Societies Regulation Act 1860, has come a long way from an idea, discussed amongst a bunch...

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Types of people at Water Park

Types of people at Water Park

Well, my waterpark plan finally worked out last month and trust me Holy smokes what a day it was. So I thought of writing...
Types Of People You Will Confront On Holi

Types Of People You Will Confront On Holi

Holi is a festival of no judgments perhaps, that’s why most of our action can pass off under the garb of “bura na maano holi...
Markets Everywhere

Markets-Markets Everywhere But From Where To Shop What?

Delhi is a true shopper’s paradise and by this we meant from luxury shopping malls to StreetSide boutiques and flea markets Delhi have it all,...