Things Book Lover Will Understand

Things Only A Book Lover Will Understand

1. BOOKS ARE ADDICTIVE Others might get addicted to drugs but for you books are the nicotine.  For you books are much more addictive...

DevFest’15 by Leaders for Tomorrow – Coming Soon!

Leaders For Tomorrow is a not-for-profit youth movement established in India whose members mainly consist of college students. The main motive of Leaders For Tomorrow (LFT)...

Cartoons Changed Like anything – Disgusting Development

Cartoon shows of our time V/s Cartoon shows these days With developing technology, cartoons have also developed with time, but not as nicely as it...

Love’s Labour’s Lost

Unlike the Shakespearean Comedy that the title is borrowed from, I intend to only reflect upon the minute measures of relationships. It sometimes comes to...

iPhone 6 – Rumors, Price, Features and Other Specifications

Again iPhone 6 has become the point of attraction among gadget lovers, though we have seen so many rumors, leaked images and specs about...

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Government of Lebanon resigns after the explosion

The Beirut blast on August 4 led to nearly 200 deaths and more than 6000 injured. There has been protests and massive anger amongst...

Zomato introduces “Period Leaves”

An Indian restaurant aggregator and food delivering company Zomato introduced the concept of Period Leaves. All women employees including transgenders can avail upto 10...

It’s not a compliment, it’s harassment!

Sexual Harassment is an umbrella term as it involves a range of behaviours. It isn’t all about rape or sexual assault. According to Section...