The inner battle

Mental health is a state of well being where a person recognises his capabilities. And is also able to cope up with the normal stress of day to day life at work and at home. 

Mental illness is an exact opposite of the above mentioned statement.Mental health is affected by all the 3 factors: emotional, psychological and social well being of a person.

An important point about mental disorders is that it is completely unbiased. It can happen to any person irrespective of his/her age, gender, community, income or ethnicity. Mental illness not only affects our mood or the way we start thinking. But it also impacts us physically as we start feeling tired and sleepy most of the time depending upon the intensity of the illness. It is really important that we pay attention to all the signals that our body and mind give us. If we do not consider them on time, the problem intensifies further to the level of severe depression or anxiety.

Citing the most recent example of the untimely demise of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput due to suicide. I just want to highlight the importance of being mentally fit first. You can fight back all the atrocities of life, only if you have hope in your mind. Once you lose that hope, mental illness surrounds you. It further lands you in a  situation of depression. Suicidal thoughts become very frequent and the only solution is to acknowledge this problem. And let out your feelings in front of any known person or a psychiatrist. If we keep fearing that the other person might judge us on the basis of our psychological state, the problem inside our mind would keep  accumulating and hurting us .

Therefore, instead of giving other people the assurance that ‘ I am there for you’. We should give an assurance to ourselves that ‘ I will speak up what i feel and take help if needed. I will not destroy myself ‘. Only if we love ourselves, we can love others too. That’s why keep loving yourself and keep addressing all your issues.



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Vidhi Jain is an enthusiastic writer who never drops a chance to write. Self contentment and calmness are her strengths which always motivate her to leave no stone unturned in her work. She presently is doing her graduation from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University.


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