How To Deal With Bullies

In case you’re being tormented there’s a great deal you can do. While various strategies work for various individuals, the principal thing you ought to do is attempt to work it out yourself.
Contingent upon how terrible the bullying is (and as long as you don’t feel in danger, terrified or truly undermined) you should attempt to work it out yourself – as an initial step.
The more enabled you are, and the more you can support yourself, the better possibility you need to stop the bully.
  • Walk away when the bully methodologies you. Attempt to envision you’re leaving an outsider. Both you and your non-verbal communication will show you couldn’t care less.
  •  Concentrate on pondering something different (possibly a show you need to go to, or another outfit you need to purchase.)
  • When the bully methodologies you, check to 100 and continue strolling. They’ll never perceive how vexed you are.
  • Yelling STOP and leave. Continue strolling and don’t pivot regardless of what they state.
  •  When a bully considers you a name or discloses to you your shoes are monstrous – look at them without flinching and giggle insanely and state, “I realize my tennis shoes are appalling.” Keep snickering madly and leave with no extra discussion
  • When the bully bugs you and calls you names, look at them without flinching, LAUGH and leave with no extra discussion.

Keep out of the bully’s way

If you are afraid of your bully avoid places where your bully hangs out, or take a different route to school. If the bully doesn’t see you, they can’t bully you.

Use The Buddy System Against Bullies

Bullies feel empowered to bully one person, but rarely will they bully a group. Hang out with your friends. If the bully does feel like conquering the group, walk away.

If after using these tactics and the bullying doesn’t stop, it may be time to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to let someone know that you are being bullied. There are people who care about you and will help you.

Get Help – Tell An Adult About the Bully

It may seem scary to tell someone but, telling will not only get you help, it will make you feel less afraid. If you are being physically bullied and are in danger you must speak with a trusted adult immediately. And if you can’t go to your parents, seek out a trusted teacher guidance counselor or school psychologist.

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