Building human capacity will only create a self-reliant India: Prof. R.C. Kuhad

– Emphasis on vocal for local
– The ethos of Indians has been a sense of self-sufficiency

As the entire world is affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, India has shown the passion not only to deal with the epidemic but also to bring life back on track, which is an example for other countries in the world.

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, has given the mantra of self-reliant India and I believe that by building human capacity, we can become self-reliant. The idea was taken by Prof. R.C. Singh, Vice Chancellor, Central University of Haryana (Haquenvi), Mahendragarh. Kuhar expressed a three-day international webinar organized by the School of Business and Management Studies on the theme “Building capacity for managers in the post-epidemic scenario”.

Addressing the valedictory session of this three-day webinar held between June 13 and 15, the vice chancellor of the university, Prof. R.C. Kuhad pointed out that the COVID-19 global epidemic has posed serious challenges to the social, economic, political life of human life.

These challenges will have a lasting impact on human life, we have to emerge from these challenges by adopting new methods in life. The spirit of self-sufficiency is not new to India and it has always been involved in our ethos, “Kuhad said.

Pro.Kuhad further said that in view of the way the corona epidemic has worsened the world’s condition, we have to consider the dimensions of fresh development and move forward. Pro. Kuhad said that trade synergy at the world level will take time to recover as before, so self-sufficiency is the mantra that can lead to development path.

The Vice-chancellor said that our Prime Minister is motivating us to become self-reliant in view of the opportunity in this crisis which is the need of the day. Now we have to be vocal towards the local.

The Indian is no less than anyone on any front, just need to try in a planned manner and the way this epidemic has taught us the way to move forward with solidarity will help us to shine on the world table. The Vice Chancellor complimented the organizers of the webinar and said that the discussion on this important subject will definitely be beneficial by bringing experts from all over the country and abroad to a forum and will give a thrust to move forward with new thinking.

The closing session of the International Webinar presided over by Prof. R.C. Kuhar. Pro in the closing session. Zstein Paul was present as the keynote speaker. Former Delhi University professor D.P.S. Verma highlighted the role of management teachers in the Corona period. In this order, Prof. K. Singh of National Technical University, Singapore.

Li Chu Keang apprised the participants of the role of nomadic in the economy after the COVID. The chief editor of the International Journal of Consumer Studies and Prof. Of the University of Puerto Rico, U.S.A. Zstein Paul discussed the topic of Business Environment: Opportunities and Challenges after COVID-19 and highlighted various aspects related to it.

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