Delhi University is known in the world for providing a feasible education to the children from all sections of the society. Nowadays Delhi University along with many CBSE schools is conducting online classes and internals. In a recent notice, the University has cleared for conducting online open-book tests and conduction of final exams. This is an unexpected bitter truth that you can’t help this situation out because of this lockdown. To see the other way round, India can now see how we are working with 4G internet issues. It is very much clear that everybody does not have the option of affordability, accessibility, and availability of the internet. Moving forward with the privileged ones, now, everybody does not even possess privacy and space to attain the classes.

Let’s make and give thoughts to the problems and solutions of the Battles Of Online Classes.

  1. Accessibility of the Internet.

Less than half of the Indian population approaches the internet. In Delhi University you will find undergraduates from different geographical areas. As now they have moved back to their hometowns, it may be possible that they do not have access to good networking. We cannot ignore people from remote areas especially, from Jammu and Kashmir. Many do not even aware of technology, they do have Whatsapp and class groups joined but many are not actively ready for exam conducting applications like- Zoom, Google meet, etc. Another side concerned about teachers. They too have faced issues in taking the class with new applications and systems.

2. Availability of the Internet.

One person can easily question that if Delhi University can process its admission, forms submission, and day to day working over the internet then why against the exam?

Ok, so, have you filled your forms and data on University website at one go? 

No, because you face issues when your cell phone doesn’t allow filling details easily during the admission, you get irritated and disturb when your laptop hangs while submitting lengthy assignments. Now, precisely think the level of pressure and confidence when your answer is not getting submitted or ‘error found’ screen pops out during submission of the online final semester exam. Till when we will rely on cybercafés? We need a 4G internet.

As of late, an online assessment structure was presented and the outcomes were again the equivalent. The structure wasn’t working appropriately, and it took around four to five days for the University to fix the issue.

3. Affordability of the Internet.

Every student does not have access to Wi-Fi or an unlimited data plan. If we talk about the cheapest way of affording the internet then it is only Jio, which you have allowance usage up to 1 GB per day. Initially, students couldn’t go to online classes because of moderate system speed and now the concern is how much internet they required for a 2-3 hours exam. We cannot distress students for anything.


4. Personal /private space.

It is a reality that virtual classes can’t supplant physical study halls. This is because the vast majority of the students don’t have individual space at home, which could mean disturbance during the web classes. It is difficult to concentrate on examines when actives are going on around you. So far as that is concerned, most families can’t stop their family unit errands for classes.

And this implies for both, the student as well as the teachers. They have responsibility and family obligations with them. They too have to get ready and conduct themselves for the web class. It is more difficult for female teachers who have children to look after and their care and work.

The misfortune part is that many students despite facing above mentioned problems would have to turn up for final exams. Not having fast information has just caused a hindrance to most of the students. They couldn’t go to classes or access online investigation material effectively, and if such is the circumstance, by what method will they show up for tests if they don’t have a reasonable system network?



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