What to do after exam results!

The heat is on with the long awaited DU Examination results declared. Well many other courses are yet to avail their results, so the time bomb is still ticking for them! It so happens that after getting our results we experience a mixture of feelings. You can jot down a few like- relief, tension, happiness(for some), disappointment, satisfaction… well all of these are subjective as it varies from person to person.


Therefore my article is not going to comment on what you feel when you avail your results but actually what you should and should not do.
One can rant about college life; being all about fun and frolic but that is just an overview or a utopian vision. We as students know how challenging college can get and sometimes college life surprises us by completely changing our perspective on it. We have got to mix and match, balance, enjoy, study, score, experience – so that puts together a lot things a college student must learn to cope with.

Now the question comes to- What should I do after I get my results? Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts:


1) Compare: The act of comparison is a streak that runs deep in our veins. I don’t deny that its human nature to be a little curious and compare ourselves with our fellow mates. Sometimes we just take it to the next level….never do that!!

2)Brood: We must shift into reality that what is done is done. Brooding and cribbing is just going to make things worse. On the other hand you must take a mature stance in correcting yourself and accepting what you have got.

3) Lose confidence: It’s just a mark sheet!…with today’s advances in education, every field requires in depth and long years of study. So don’t worry you have many more mark sheets to see in the future; that means ample lot of chances to improve.


Give in to what you have got but never give in to what you can obtain…every individual is unique, learn to accept that.


1) React: Well yes it’s your right to react to your results…let the thoughts and feelings flow out because after that you create more avenues for new thought process to flow in.

2) Analyze yourself: The best thing about college life is its freedom to make mistakes and learn. If you are at the top you learn to keep yourselves there and if you fall you learn to pull yourself up. Analyze and look where you lack or highlight and understand possible drawbacks in your strategies to work.

3) Create a plan ( Make it simple): Whether you top your course or obtain mediocre to good marks; a plan is necessary as it becomes your map to navigate through the semester.


We need to be simple and realistic when we create a plan. This also throws in a dash of organization in our system so that we are able to manage multiple things.

4) Take it easy! : Be gentle with yourself. Pushing yourself too hard in the very beginning will tire you and by no time you might end up losing the spark . Keep a steady momentum and work towards your goal.

5) Enjoy: College life doesn’t repeat itself. I do empathize with all students that academically it can be challenging but spicing it up with some thrilling activities will make you take things by the stride and give you a fresh perspective always.


The last pointer is my personal favorite. Enjoy what you do. We have all worked for our exams, results may not be uniform or as expected but there is always scope to improve. Denigrating ourselves in our own reflection can be dangerous and poison our thought process. We may end up serving never ending expectations without doing anything for ourselves. Marks don’t sum up everything. An individual’s performance in the exam, to be completely successful is a matter of chance and preparation. So ponder on the optimistic side of results, work hard and enjoy the upcoming fest season!!

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