Wardrobe Essentials For College Guys

Does not matter if you are a girl or a guy, packing for college can be as stressful as applying to college but hey hey hey boys! we got your back this time. We remember the last time when we uploaded the article entailing fashion essentials and staples for girls, most of guys were asking what about us? so here is a complied list of wardrobe essentials that we strongly recommend you guys to have in your closets:

Selvedge Jeans:
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I just can’t emphasize enough on the importance of selvedge jeans in boys closet. Because, hey! No amount of praise is enough for the versatility that this piece of clothing holds, you can wear it over basic t-shirts, formal and informal shirts. Buy yourselves at least one sturdy pair of jeans that has a dark wash, no holes, and fits nicely in the hips and seat. —there’s literally nothing they won’t go well with.

The Oxford Shirt:

What one thing looks effortlessly stylish on pretty much everyone? A crisp, white, slim-fit Oxford. There’s little that won’t go with an Oxford shirt. Moreover, it straddles the line between informal and formal hence, I don’t find any reason for not stocking up oxford shirt in the wardrobe of guys.

Denim Jacket

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Undoubtedly, I don’t see A denim jacket going out of style! I mean, the best thing about them is that they make us provide plenty of outfit options, wear it over basic tees or make it the highlight of your look. Besides, you can wear them irrespective of what the season is.

Checked full sleeves shirt

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As much as we’d like to deny, but checked shirts will never go out of style. Also Who don’t want to make stylish statements? Moreover, summer is absolutely incomplete without these kind of shirts. They’re classic, come in a million variants so make sure your wardrobe have these in numbers.

Comfy and nice shorts

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Oh! The importance of right kind of shorts is phenomenal. Besides, we believe that the ideal pair of shorts are those you can wear to the gym, and then wear to grab lunch without looking like a schlub. Select a neutral colour like tan or grey so you can mix and match your clothes.

The Khakis and chinos:

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Because you can’t wear jeans every day, can you? They’re completely effortless, yet everyone thinks you dress well if you wear them (win-win). It is hence an another kind of pant that’s even more versatile and comfortable than denim: khakis. Khakis or chinos are great for all seasons.

Basic T-shirts/ crewneck T-Shirts:

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T-shirts are versatile, believe you me in this. Since we believe no one can put up themselves in formal shirts to college every single day, basic t-shirts are a must-have. Plus, they’re way more comfortable and mostly adds stylish spice in your look.

Leather belts

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how many times it happens when we have to adjust our jeans or pants with our hands because hey! we forgot to invest in belt? You’ll wear a belt almost every day, so invest in kind of belt that’s made of sturdy, durable leather. we’d recommend having at least two; one in brown and one in black.

Versatile leather watch


Because it will look inappropriate if you will look at the screen of your mobile again and again while you are getting bored in lectures so hey why not buy a piece which is as useful as anything besides show off that you know how to accessorize like an adult.The best thing to do is keep your watch fairly simple.

Brown Boat Shoes


 For the days that you’re running late to lectures and don’t have time to bother with tying laces. The interesting part of about them is you can rock boat shoes with or without socks.

The White Sneakers

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This accessory is not only recommended, but a definite must-have in any person’s closet. white sneakers went from workouts and weekends to the whole wide world.

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“Tuxedos don’t go out of style; tuxedos are style”

Also it highlights true sign of a stylish man. You never know when you’ll need a tuxedo suit, but eventually, you will. It might be for a formal event or formal interview for societies or farewell in your college. Besides, ask any woman and she’ll tell you that a man in a suit is sexier than a man with rippling abs.

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