Its December time and another year is about to end

It is December time and another year is about to end, bringing us to the new. With it comes the next semester for some and others their last, wonderful new opportunities to ponder about and lots of fresh hope and of course, new resolutions. That is the whole beauty of an end, because with each end there is the promise of a new beginning. The past is an enigma that cannot be changed and thus all must look ahead to the future that waits. But today the exact opposite is about to happen. The past would be looked upon. The days gone shall be remembered. A whole new year passed by. We cherished memories, some were sour and others sweet. Heart breaks, departures and blissful love. As we prepare ourselves for this new journey. We all must acknowledge those who could not take this journey with us. Many perished along the way and many new members joined this world and our families. The trees fell and their withered leaves were walked on, giving space for new saplings to grow. This year end signifies not just a new beginning but an end that passed by with its glorious victories and heart wrenching defeats, as we take a step ahead into a new time, we are bound by the responsibility to remember the fallen and walk their legacy. As the new sun rises and light unfolds, and we glance at the horizon at a distance far away, seeing the different shades of red on the velvet sky and the mating of the sun while it touches the horizon. Our hearts would be filled with vigor and passion, for another day and another cycle of life to begin.

It is alright, to cry for those fallen, It is alright to laugh at those silly mistakes and its alright to be selfish for happiness and love. it’s all ok. This life that we live as far as understood is lived only once. The bliss that is life and the satisfaction that this year’s end brings to many of us defines hope. As the song goes… It’s a new day, a new life… and I am feeling good. Such a divine day, the first of January. All humanity celebrates it. They might be far from each other, speaking different languages, living different lifestyles. Yet all would count those ten numbers, our hearts pounding with each descent.

10…..9…..8……. and finally the clock would strike twelve and we all shall celebrate the new year while babies would be born that minute and some shall cry the departed but the new year shall wait for no sorrow or joy. It shall go on and on….

Telling us all that time flows and so does our life. Like a flower that blooms today and disappears tomorrow we shall too. So let us be all preset here and now.

But only after each of us has made amends with his and her past so that we can move forward with the rest of the world and like everyone else we too may be able to follow the golden policy of life. “Carpe Diem” seize the day!

And so friends let us all be part of this journey bidding adieu to the year bygone and wake up to a bright, cheerful first morning… bringing with it lots of hope, desires and dreams waiting to come true.

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