Top Ten Medical Colleges in Tamil Nadu in 2024

When you want to become a doctor, picking the right college is very important. In Tamil Nadu, a place famous for its culture and good education, there are many good medical colleges. In 2024, Tamil Nadu has some of the best medical colleges in India. Each of these colleges gives different chances for people who want to become doctors.

Let’s look at the top ten medical colleges in Tamil Nadu, and see what makes them special, what courses they offer, and how they help in the field of healthcare.

1. CMC College – Christian Medical College, Vellore:

Christian Medical College is one of the famous medical colleges in Tamil Nadu. As it offers distinct courses with the best education and environment. Also, it is known for its excellent healthcare services. Additionally, it provides nursing courses. The admission process involves either NEET or other entrance exams for both MBBS and B.Sc courses. 

Courses Fees
MBBS 13.50K
B.Sc (Nursing) 1.80K – 3.20K
M.Sc 2.00K – 2.40K
PG Diploma 300 – 2.67L
D.M 1.5K
M.Ch 1.5K – 3K
M.S 1.2K


2. Madras Medical College (MMC):

Madras Medical College is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This was one of the oldest medical colleges in India which was established in 1835. Courses that are provided by Madras Medical College are excellent with enhanced healthcare services. Additionally, it has a research department. This offers both under-graduation and post-graduation courses. Admissions are given to the candidates who clear NEET examinations with the best scores.

Courses Fees
B.Sc (Nursing) 2.4L
M.D 1.5L
PG Diploma 98K
D.M 60K – 1.2K
MS 1.5 L
M.Ch 60K – 1.8L


3. Kilpauk Medical College (KMC):

Kilpauk Medical College is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This is a government institution founded in 1960 and is considered one of the best institutions to pursue MBBS and courses related to medicine. Here are the fee structures of the courses

Courses Fees
MBBS 69.3K
M.D 73K
DM 1.5L
M.S  73K 1.5L


4. Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute (SRMC):

This was also one of the best colleges for medical sciences in Tamil Nadu. This was located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Furthermore, it offers a wide range of other courses as well. Fee structures designed by the institution are discussed below:

Courses Fees
MBBS ( Indian resident) Approximately 1 crore for completing the course
MBBS( Non resident Indian) Approximately $50,000 for completing the course
B.Sc 1.5L to 4 L for the complete course
M.Sc 1.8L – 5L
MD 1.4 Cr
MS 1.4 Cr
DM 16L
M.Ch 24L – 45L


5. Stanley Medical College (SMC):

This is a government media college. It was about 200 years old and gained enough reputation to become one of the best Medical colleges in Tamil Nadu. Moreover, this was one of the medical colleges that got 250 seats for medicine-related courses in a decade.

Courses Fees
MBBS 69.6K
PG Diploma  74.5K
M.D  2.2L
DM 1.7L
MS 2.2L


6. Madurai Medical College:

Madurai Medical College is a government college and candidates are filtered by using the NEET examination. Candidates with decent scores will get the opportunity to do MBBS in this college. Fee structures are discussed below:

Courses Fees
B.Sc Nursing Approximately 32K per year
M.D 1L
MS 96K
M.Pharma 1.2L


7. PSG College of Medical Sciences and Research

PSG College is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. This is a private institution which offers medicine-related courses as well as others. The fee structures are as follows:

Courses  Fees 
MBBS( Government Quota) 4.5 L for completing the course
MBBS(Management Quota) 13.5 L for completing the course 
MBBS(NRI Quota) 24.5 L for completing the course 
MBBS( Lapsed Quota) 21.5 L for completing the course 
M.D 5.35 L for completing the course 
M.S  6 L for completing the course 
D.M 5.25 L for completing the course 


8. Saveetha Medical College:

Saveetha Medical College is a private institution but it creates a great place in the medical industry by offering quality courses such as MBBS, B.Sc, M.D, M.S and more. Fee structures are discussed below:

Courses Fees 
MBBS 1.1 Cr
B.Sc Nursing  2.3L – 9L
M.D 1.5L – 1.2 Cr 
D.Pharma 1.2L
B.Pharma 6L
DM 16L – 60L
MS 1.5L – 66L
BDS 42.5L
UG Diploma 1.5L


9. Thanjavur medical college:

This is a government college for medicine located in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. This offers courses such as MBBS, M.D, M.S, D.M, D.Pharma, M.Ch and more. Admissions are usually made through the NEET examination.

Courses  Fees
MBBS 81.33K
M.D 1.5L 
M.S 1.5L
D.M 1.4L 
D.Pharma 40K
M.Ch 1.4L – 24L


10. Chettinad Academy of Research and Education:

Chettinad Academy of Research and Education is located in Tamil Nadu. It offers a wide range of courses such as MBBs, B.Sc Nursing, M.Sc, M.D, DM and more. This provides all the facilities that are required for education and research.

Courses  Fees
MBBS 1.1Cr
B.Sc Nursing 1 L first year fees
M.Sc 1 L first year fees
M.D 38 L first year fees
M.S 46 L first year fees
DM 20L
M.Ch 30L


This blog offers the maximum insights that a candidate needs to understand before joining any medical college.

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