Students can submit answer sheets via Email : Delhi University

Delhi University released a notification on Monday stating that students will be allowed to submit their answers for Open Book Examination (OBE) via Email in case on emergencies. The varsity clarified the procedure for attempting OBE for first and second year students of School of Open Learning (SOL) and Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board (NCWEB).

Earlier the University had stated the procedures of downloading of question papers and uploading of answer sheets through University’s exam portal. If in case the portal fails, the new notification provided an alternative for the same.

Delhi University, in the notification, said: “If for any reason, the candidates are not able to upload the scanned images (PDF format) for their answer sheets on the portal after the completion of the examination, the same can be sent in PDF format at the designated email address of SOL and NCWEB as the case may be.”

The university said that question papers will be available for all students on DU’s official website. In case the question papers cannot be downloaded, SOL students can access it through “their respective dashboard” and NCWEB students can access it through “email or Whatsapp upon request”, said the varsity.

For SOL students, in cases of emergency, the question papers will be provided 5 minutes prior to commencement of exam.

Though the students, students’ and teachers’ bodies have been actively protesting against the conduct of OBE, the University seems to be adamant with its decision.

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