When we think of ‘sports’, we construe it as a source of leisure and a key to fitness, but do we think of it as a carrier? It is estimated that out of 100 people only 10 aspire to take up sports as their carrier’s. The apparent answer we get is “there is no scope”. We Indians have revered the world over for our intelligence but when it comes to sports, there are just a few bunch of names that cross my mind who made it big in the international scene.
The dissatisfying performance of the Indian athletes and players in the Olympics had given people an outlook of pathetic conditions of sports in India. Despite its huge population, India is almost at the bottom in the Olympics medal tally because of the lack of facilities provided. In this modern era also, India still lacks good coaches, proper infrastructure and many other helpful schemes which should be provided by the government, hence this is the reason behind having medal tally at the bottom.

Does it mean that people in India have no interest in sports and Games? Infact, Sports in India is much influenced by politics. The selections are mostly based on favoritism and as a result, outstanding sports people are ignored. Some influential people want to be at the helm of affairs so that they may be able to embezzle sports funds. Under such conditions, it is not possible to raise the standard of sports in India.
Another cause is that we have been mostly focusing upon the young people living in cities, ignoring villagers; tribal’s have more stamina than that of city people. Villagers should be given proper facilities and playgrounds for playing and competitions among the villages should be arranged periodically.
Sports persons in India have to suffer because they are not given proper facilities. They also need certain other facilities which may develop their talent properly but often young people do not jump in this field because they find no surety of employment.
The sports competitions should be given publicity and should be organized at grand levels. Some adventurous coaches should get hold of the tribal young people for imparting training in the different fields of sports.
All facilities are not provided to the young children in big cities. They cannot play the game they like just because they have to go too far off places for joining a club or a sports organization. There should be playclubs in each locality.
Till we make a definite policy for developing sports in India, simple training and coaches will not help them. The onus is on the government to promote each sport equally via various events, advertisements, schemes and scholarships only then Indians can produce more of Sainas and Sachins and Sehwags.

By, Subodh Gajraj, Writer – DU Times