“Pregnant Marissa Meyer took over as Yahoo’s CEO” – Publishing of this in a newspaper makes the situation of women engineers evident, the hype created for the same is very inconsiderate.
Genevieve Bell, Jocelyn Goldfein, Kimber Lockhart, MajaMataric – How can we forget all of them? They all have made remarkable contributions to this field.
But as we probe deeper the situation is not positive. According to the report, less than 12 % software engineering degrees have been awarded to women in 2011-12. As we try to extrapolate the situation, the problem lies in the mind sets .It is originally believed that getting your daughter in science field is equivalent to wasting you hard earned money. The girls have often been warned before entering these fields whether it’s for the sake of their parents or marriage or children and things are automatically made arduous for them. But we all forget that it is the hard work and determination that is needed not the sex to be a thriving engineer. We need to understand and accept the fact that its talent which matters not your caste, creed or sex.
Originally women have shied away from engineering but the scenario is slowly but positively revamping and we hope that we are soon out of mentality that engineering is a game of men.

By, Milandeep Bhatia, Writer – DU Times

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