How to Prepare Before Going to College???


Tips for fresher’s
With the happy go lucky school days and examinations over , you find yourself thrusted into the
competitive spheres of grades and admissions. Suddenly you are all on your own, from hunting colleges to
online form fill ups and the standing under the ‘heat’ for admissions. Post admissions all you do is ‘mithai
baato’ for the college of your choice, pack , relax and wait for a new beginning. Here are what you can
expect as a fresher before you begin the journey of learning and fun

What every ‘freshman’ expects?
Expectations vs Reality
greater independence (post school) , no homework woes, no teacher caning, no dress code and lots of bunking !
Dr Reality says – no homework no worry? Think again ….. lots of photo copies and lots of studies . No caning , but
teacher sarcasm speaks , lots of bunking? Think again – you wouldn’t want to really end up in pre exam blues !
p.s – tip to balance studies and fun .
Well, college life is undoubtedly fun , fun and more fun!! .

Meeting ‘new friends’
You come out of your ‘strict school’ days and embrace a new found independence . From the small group of ‘Best
friends forever’ , you come across several Best friends forever here. College life is definitely a 1:1 chance to meet
new people. Well, not everyone is full of nicety, but some that ‘are’ become your “Best buddies”.When it comes to
the question of freedom and independence , it means ‘be responsible’. Lots of students come across from
different parts of country seeking admission , so ’emotional blues’ are your fresher experience too.

Kharcha issues
Being a fresher is all about ‘budget budget budget’ . You struggle to fit in your petrol , food , fashion and chota
recharge in your petty monthly allowance.

Wardrobe issues
Well well the best part of being a fresher is parties and wardrobe . Fashion is what you see brimming in the college
campus. Pretty ladies and ‘hot’ dudes will be your eye candies for the first few months. Parties and clubbing your
new ‘entertainment’.
tip: dress in comfortable fashion.

Romance , bromance
Campus love stories are not unheard of. Meeting every new people dilutes your pupils with love, love , love. Cupid
struck couples are what freshman experiences too.

You will no longer be spoon fed . Diary , pen and recorders are your new friends. From struggling to fit in every
word your professor shoots at you , to staying wide awake through long boring lectures will be a part of your

Time management
Hurrying past long metro and bus queue’s to reach college on time will be your ‘new mantra’. You wouldn’t want to
be late on the first few days!

Canteens will be your ‘hunger satisfiers’ . They are indeed great hangouts for conversation and entertainment.

Campus cultures
As a freshman , you begin to experience and learn about campus cultures . Every campus has its own story to share
and that becomes your new gossip.
P.s:The virgin tree stories
In the end Best wishes and luck to all the fresher’s this year. Enjoy while you learn .


by Ankita Roy

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