Lesser Known Opportunities in Delhi University

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DU, as we all know is a great hub of opportunities and all the vivid areas of experiences, one needs to enhance their career. There are ample opportunities and plenty of facilities. But whenever, I am a DU student telling about these – the very first sentence encountered by their mouth is – “ye bhi hota  hai DU me !” The only problem is we don’t know about these and there is nobody to acknowledge us too within that daily hustle-bustle  of lectures. Let me tell you, the DU website is a whole set of Aladdin’s magical lamp.

And here’s what I found rubbing the same –

1. UG level research papers:
The very first are the research paper writing by UG students .The research papers are generally considered to be a doctoral level topic, but DU offers writing research papers for UG students too .This is truly an opportunity to be grabbed for it could be a great boost to your career, adding up a research paper in your resume, that too by an esteemed university at the UG level.

To all the students sitting out there, if you feel that scholarships are meant for only the cut-throat competitive scholars,then you are wrong . Being a government university, DU offers a plethora of scholarships with very loose eligibility criterias. So, go to the scholarship page of the lamp, i.e. du.ac.in and research it out.

Delhi University, being a home to more than 100 faculties, yet offers some side leaded add-on courses. These additional courses include the linguistics, diplomas etc. Colleges like, Sri Venkateshwara , Ramjas etc offer you the same. The forms are made available on the colleges’ respective individual websites.

The one big aspect of DU, very less no. of people are known to is the non-collegiate women’s educational board . We are familiar with school of open learning programs but not about this . DU offers it for the promotions of women’s education. Every Sunday the classes are held for these students.So, even if you didn’t get a chance in those compact margined cut offs ,this is all you have to grab.

5. NGOs:
There are several NGOs ,DU has collaborated with and you can always be a contributor to that through your efforts. These NGOs are of great help, both to earn an experience of professional work areas as well as to earn another certificate for beautifying your resume . There are foreign  universities which demand all these  experiences within your resume , but as soon as we reach out to them for that, we realize , how much is left undone yet !!

For all the wanna be entrepreneurs out there, DU offers a great opportunity for you, to reach that utmost summit you have dreamt of!Colleges like Aurobindo,Shyamlal and many others offer an entrepreneurship cell that assists the young business minds to have their own start-up.Reach out to their personal website and the path is all open to you.

Multiple foreign exchange programs are offered by DU for the great minds.A student exchange program is run which lets you go and study in a foreign university and quench your thirst for a new culture and an international curriculum.

8. I-card availed services:
The second good thing you have after that lamp(remember it yet,right?)is your I-card.The university I-card can fix it up for a large number of services,availing which, benefits you a lot.These are availment of health care facilities in DU dispensaries,fooding at University’s cafeterias,having ticket fares discounted(for an outstation student with some T&C),going to educational seminars and workshops free of cost, having access to facilities within the central library!

So, since now you know it all, go grab the opportunities. And stay in touch with DU Times for more such articles!!!

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