How does DU shape you to be better

College is a very essential part of our lives. Most of us don’t even realise and it goes away in a flash of a second.
College life shapes us alot, shapes our moral and intellectual perspectives.
Delhi University is one of the largest universities of the country. It consists of 77 colleges in total. University shapes you to be a better person as a whole.
Colleges in DU give opportunities at every step, even if you miss one the next is waiting for you. There are alot of societies to enroll in and find out about that hidden talent in you.
You meet people from different cultures and learn so much about the differences in the societies. The classrooms of the University of Delhi have people from not just around the country, but also from across the globe.
The long lines for administration work, teach you patience. The 8 a.m. classes teach you punctuality. The never ending projects and researches make you learn about alot of aspects other than books. The famous fests of Delhi University give you an opportunity to experience another world.
What matters is what you make of your time here. The best part is, that it’ll present you with a plenitude of opportunities to grow. They’re not lying when they say that college is the time to discover yourself. The amount of growth that DU can provide you with has no ceiling. Make the most out of the opportunities that you get.
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Sanskriti Falor
She's in 1st year, pursuing Journalism honors from Kalindi college. She was an active union volunteer in 1st year, in discipline and media coverage. She loves reading and writing and have written a few articles for college's newsletter.


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