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The monotonous life of a college student revolves around lectures and hectic schedule. Events are organised by the college students themselves that brings enjoyment and entertainment to them during the college life. India’s most popular Delhi University, is also well known for its college fests that are organized for students to showcase their talent on a large platform. The fest season usually begins in January and continues till March. Different colleges organise unique college fests at thier campus. DU students work hard with the great sponsors and organizers to roll out a great show. Every year a large number of students get involved in preparing for college festivals. This is time of the year when freshers rush to various colleges to experience the DU culture. At the same time, the third – year students enjoy these festivals with their college squads, one last time.

Reasons to attend Delhi University College Fests :

DU college fests season is that time where students can enjoy to their fullest and can live to their real college life. There are a lot of reasons why a student should not miss out on the college fests, some of them are mentioned below:

Finding your interest areas: College fests never fail to provide a great platform to students to showcase their talent and tend to boost confidence.

Break from books: College fest season is the time when students can take a break from studies and can make the most of the college life.

Meeting the right people and networking: This is the time where you can find your kind of people to spend most of time during your college life.

The top ten fests of DU colleges includes Gargi college, PGDAV college, Lady shri ram college, Jesus and mary college etc.
Due to the pandemic, this year many colleges weren’t able to conduct their college fests.

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