Recently UPSC CSE results have been published and as usual, it can be observed that 2 Delhi University alumina are in the top 5 rankings. Donuru Ananya Reddy of Telangana’s Mahabubnagar, who studied at Miranda House, secured the third rank, while Ruhani, a Gurugram resident who attended St Stephen’s, ranked fifth.

Also, overall, Aditya Srivastava secured 1st rank, Animesh Kumar got 2nd rank and PK Sidharth Ramkumar got the 3rd rank. This is not a very surprising fact because it is every year’s trend that Delhi University has a history of providing civil servants of India.

The question is what is the magic spell in DU that facilitates the budding civil servants to fight in real life? What makes civil service the most demanded career? What is needed to be a civil servant? How long is the journey? How Du is in the field? In this Blog, all your questions will be resolved fluidly. 

What is making DU a UPSC hub? 

We know Delhi University for its diversity. As a fact, civil service examinations are considered the most prominent examination not only in DU but also all over India. The platform to serve and a well-settled and respectful life are the fascinating aspects that attract lakhs of aspirants from all over the world to attend civil service examinations. But there is a magic spell in Du that every year it can be observed that many Alunnis of Du are the present civil servants.  

Civil services do require a set of qualities that need to be developed. Any quality can be developed through an environment that one is getting, and DU can provide that environment 

DU college campus is full of diversity. Students from all over India do exist there and that helps the students to adapt themselves in a diverse environment. There are thousands of societies working on college campuses that help in the holistic development of students and increase their skills. The faculty also contains experts as many Ph.D. D holders generally have a dream to get into DU as a professor. This makes DU a fascinating place. The platform is here and if you have the capability, take it! 

How to be a civil servant? 

Honestly, I am not a civil servant thus I have no say here. But let’s examine the direction that the words of rank holders suggest and what upsc cse proposes. 

To be a civil servant first you need to prepare for the examinations😁. In the process of preparation, you will get to know that there are three parts of the exams which extend up to a year. These are prelims, mains, and interviews. After clearing each level of this examination, you will be allotted a rank and a cut-off.

This cutoff will decide whether you have succeeded or not. This examination will not only provide you with a way towards a fulfilled life but also the platform through which you can directly connect with the administration to serve your country. What every successful civil servant claims that “Consistency “was the mantra that helped them.

There are a lot of struggles that this exam will give you. You must fight with aspirants all over the country but cracking this exam is a good experience. What DU will give you here is a platform for improvement. It will teach what hard work is.  Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that DU is moving towards its transformation to a UPSC hub. 

How much is the success rate?  

Approximately 0.2 percent of total aspirants get success in the examinations. All aspirants do not stand on the same boat but what combines them is their hard work and struggle. All of you of course will not achieve success. But those of you who learned to deal with the hard work, believe me, success won’t wait for you.

It is your journey as it is your life. If you have an aspiration to do something, if you are the one who believes in the stable flame of life and wants to live life to the fullest, this is the attempt you must not miss. I wish you all the best for your journey. Crack the exam and make your life fulfilled.

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