Find The Details Of Any College Just By Scanning QR Codes

This year Delhi University has introduced an interesting concept which will help students to access the details of any college of Delhi University just by scanning QR codes of colleges which are mentioned on Page 87 of Admission Bulletin. There are only two requirements- A smartphone & a scanning app from Play store /App store (in case your smartphone does not have in-built scanning feature) Applicants may access the admission bulletin by clicking on the link provided below:

The QR codes of all colleges have been synced to Google Maps. When you scan a QR code of a college, it will take you to the Google Map location as well as the College’s official page on Google where all the important information such as Address, Contact Numbers, and other important information would be displayed. This is helpful especially to the outstation students who might face problems in locating colleges.

The University also plans to link these QR codes with the cut-off lists. If this is implemented, then accessing cut-offs would be just one click away.

Overall, this method has proved to be useful to the students. However, some applicants have complained that all students coming to Delhi University might not have access to smartphones. Secondly, one may need to download a separate scanning application from Play store, as not all smartphones come with in-built scanners. Officials said that the QR codes can be scanned with some e-wallet apps also.

•Android users may download the QR code scanner here:

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