DU Academic Council member urges to Vice Chancellor to disburse admission fee to colleges.

The system of the admission fees in Delhi University being deposited to the varsity was started few years back. It ensured that the students do not need to go to individual colleges to deposit fees As per this, even if the students have to withdraw admission from one college, the fee is refunded online.

DU Academic Council
But recently, DU Academic Council Member urges to Vice Chancellor to immediately disbure the Admission fee to colleges during their admission to the respective colleges.
The money collected during admission of students is deposited online through varsity portal and even the fee refund to students is done through it. The money is disbursed to colleges after six months. The interest generated on the money goes to the varsity.
Professor Hansraj Suman, a DU professor urged in his letter that “The admission fee is given directly to colleges so that they can decide where they want to spend the money at the beginning of the session. “

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