Demonetization and its effect on students…

November 8, 2016 : The mayhem day in Indian money market.

Scrapping off denominations of Rs.500 and Rs. 1000 took a yet another heavy toll on the

students of Delhi University. May it be juggling single note of Rs. 100 and Rs.50 as minimum

bugdet for survival or paying off rent at time.

A Delhi University hosteller at lowest tosses rent of Rs.6000 in Paying Guests and rented

apartments . In Compliance of withdrawal rules the maximum ceiling of Rs.2000 a day was

placed which equates to at least of 3 days wastage in withdrawal of cash for rent.

That is just not it !!!

Most of the time ATMs are empty or often while reaching the turn , the cash runs out. The

continuous pressure from landlord for rent payment at time and only in cash accompanied

by semester burden has became the wildest nightmare of every student these days. E-
transactions are widely being refused by lessors due to unwanted income tax liability.

However , the students came up with solutions of studying for exams in these crucial day in

assorted styles . Most of ATMs nearby to University were encountered with student holding

books and waiting for their turn in queus. Needlessly , the focus and concentration is nil due

to tittle-tattle of the ones in queues.

Anjana Jolly, a student of Jesus and Mary College who lives in a PG in Satya Niketan, says,

“My exams are going on, so I asked my landlord if I could pay the rent after my exams, but he

did not agree. My rent is Rs 8,000, so I had to stand in queue for four days, wasting hours of

prep time. I also tried to study in the queue, but with the traffic noise and people talking

loudly, it was impossible to concentrate.”

To some borrowing money from colleagues or relatives is solutions, for others dwelling back

to hometown serves the purpose. Demonetization followed by Semester pressure is

squeezing off the mental stability of hostellers in ending months of 2016.

“I had my internal exams during that time and did some of the studying while standing in the

queue. This month also she is not ready to take the rent via cheque.” say Shifa from Ramjas


Her landlady proclaims , “Kal jake line mein lag jana subah 5 baje, 10 baje tak number aa

jayega”. I told her very clearly ki ab exams ke baad hi dekhenge kya karna hai.”

As for now it calls for absolute adjustments between landlord and students because rent is

not a crowning winner when contrasted with future of student that hangs upon grades in


Nikita Mahamana| Content writer | DU Times

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