Top courses for the vacations!

How to save yourself from getting bored these vacations?
The semester end break will be starting soon. While many of you must have trips planned, there’s a good majority who is only scrolling up and down their home page. So here we list few courses, you can opt for and acquire a new skill.

1. Public Speaking:

Public speaking has turned up to be one of the most essential skills in today’s time. One needs to gain perfection in it, so as to represent himself/herself in front of others. While for some it is a cake walk, some find it really difficult to put their points in front of other people. So if that’s your story, you could take crash courses for Public Speaking! Shock people with your confidence, much more than ever before.

2. Photography (Basics):


In today’s date where anyone with a DSLR thinks he/she is a professional photographer, people need to modify their basics. Well learning an art like photography has no end. There is always scope for improvement and new horizons to reach. So if you are someone who has the zeal to click and capture, you could learn the basics of photography and work on it.

3. Driving lessons:

Fresher’s could utilize their vacations by taking driving lessons. Cars or scooty (and bikes) both need a confident mind set. So you could learn the basics and practice with someone who knows how to drive (and has a license). Of course, make sure that you don’t end up making someone incur any loss- physical or financial.

4. Dance classes:

A lot of certified dance studios and institutions come up with their Winter Dance programme, around this time of the year. You could in fact, choose your favourite dance form and hone your dancing skills. It will facilitate both being fit, and learning something new. So what are you waiting for? Put on your dance shows and groove to the beats!

5. Make-up and hair styling:

A lot of established make up artists have come up with various courses to teach you how to use the make up brush. Generally they are 12-15 days crash course where you are taught right from the basics. As the classes proceed, you easily would have known the various techniques of makeup and doing the hair.
There are many more courses and skill enhancing activities you can enroll for. So don’t just sit at home and get ‘bored’ rather get going and make the most of these vacations!
Tanya Goel | Content Writer | DU Times
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