The ‘Other’ Gender

“I asked him not to meet me at odd hours as it might land both of us in jail” – exclaimed a man to another man. It is like a daily cup of tea for the transgender community. Our stereotypes have created such a dreadful situation.

 Aren’t they God’s creations like we are? Don’t they have the right to choose the life they want to live at their own will? The transgender community is a part of our world. They are God’s creation exactly in the same way as we are. They have been created by the same Creator. They have exactly the same features that we have. They were brought into this world exactly in the same way as a man and a woman was brought into this world. They walk, talk, and eat exactly like us. They consume similar food, wear similar clothes, and live in similar houses. When the Creator did not discriminate then who are we to discriminate? They are looked down upon. The reason is that they vary in certain physical traits.

How do you react when you come across a transgender? Do you get an awkward feeling? Are you scared? Just try and contemplate. These are your thoughts which are completely under your control. No one has to do anything about it. You’ve got complete control over them.

Now, just ask yourself – Who is awkward? They are just living the life they have been given. Indeed the so-called ‘normal’ people are behaving strangely. The people need to stop making a fuss about it. We need to grow up. We need to think out of the box. They are just like us. Have you ever wondered about the effects of your inimical attitude on them? We have just one life. We tend to demand freedom in choosing our career, partner, home and all the other major decisions of our lives. Eventually, we are the ones who will live. It’s our life. You’ve got your life, they’ve got theirs. We are just minute creations of the almighty. We have exactly the same capabilities and control over our physical features. So let’s not destroy lives. At the end of the day, we are creating havoc in a normal individual’s life. No one gives us the authority to decide. One needs to be a normal human being. We must learn to accept people.

Utkarsha Kashyap | Content Writer | DU Times

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