Delhi University Online Attendance On A Daily Basis

Delhi University, as we all know used to mark it’s students attendance on a monthly or weekly basis. Attendance:as we all know has always been the talk of the town in the universities and especially in DU  it carries great significance right from being eligible to appear for the examinations to getting those edgy ‘5 marks’ for above 75% attendance!
Earlier teachers used to take the attendance on a daily basis after class or asked some students to mark it and give it to them in the staff room, when the CR did the “proxy” mechanism!But on July 13, the DU computer center held a training programme for introducing the AMS system i.e. Attendance Management System for colleges, inclusive members of which were the principals, conveners, the attendance in-charge. One of the conveners quoted -“we were told that this system has entirely been prepared by the university. The teachers have to take his/her attendance online in the class and the system will only work when inside the campus” The colleges are being told that for now it was not mandatory but looking at their presentation ,it seemed like it could be anytime soon!

The new initiative received it’s own share of criticism and glorification. One of the conveners said-“Faculty members will have no flexibility with this. This would cause problems for teachers when the classes are rescheduled.”
Rajesh Jha- a pol science teacher in Rajdhani college said- “When there is a chapter on United Nations, I like to take my students to the UN library on Lodhi road. How will the AMS work in such situations? This is only in the name of accountability to regementise the entire system!”

Another said-“The AMS is another way to keep monitoring the teacher’s attendance. It is difficult to understand why the university is bent on bringing such things in the name of reform. Why are we teachers never consulted on such things?”
So, after keeping in mind the pros and cons of the attendance being marked online and offline, the university has taken this decision.
Stay tuned….!
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Isha Surabhi
A slam poetess, writer and an avid reader. Presently serving as the President of Literary Society of RLA college and the Student Representative of Career Placement Cell, RLA, Delhi University.


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