The Imposed Education System and it’s eminence standards!

The Indian system of education has seen vivid phases with it’s various educationists overtime ranging from Kapil Sibal to Prakash Javadekar. Each of them came and practised their new set of rules, to which everybody adhered. But, this time to our utter surprise, two really big and new steps are being headed towards by the ministry. The first being the abolition of the existing higher education commission. It was something that had shaken the surface beneath our legs. The new system as we all know is about to give all the rights under the hands of the government and not the educationists. This is going to have its own share of pros and cons.

As soon as, we were dealing with this, the next one came out to be even more amazing, the markings and ratings of the Institute’s of Eminence. From the entire nation, the HRD has chosen 6 institutes to be accoladed as the ‘Institute of Eminence’.
The institutes are namely IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, IISc Bangalore, Jio Institute, BITs Pilani, Manipal Academy of Higher Education. The astonishing part was the selection of Jio institute which is yet to be set up! When interrogated, the answers came out to be that Reliance foundation has a good financial back up and is the one with a well versed planning to appear in the World University Rankings under 500 within next 10 years. The institutes of Eminence which are public will get funded with 1000 crore rupees and the private ones shall gain complete autonomy and no funds in extras. The idea has been critiqued by many and loved by some. But, being mere audience and not an inclusive member of the same, we can only sit back and watch what the future beconceives within!
One can only hope that this leads the education quality to the next level and doesn’t increase the disparity between rich and poor through imposed education system!
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