Ban Khalsa Theater Group(Ankur) says DUSU – Banana University

Ban Khalsa Theater Group(Anukriti) says DUSU 'The wave' led the new right wing govt. into complete majority and also led the nation into a complete...

CBCS – Futures at Stake in DU

After the disasters of semester system and FYUP Delhi University is going to implement CBCS (choice based credit system) as an experiment which is...

An Incredible Man

Yuvraj Singh is a man who does not need any introduction. An Indian International cricketer, Yuvraj was born on (12th December 1981) in Chandigarh,...

The Contrarian Jesus and Mary College 

The Contrarian is a by monthly newsletter started by the Economics Department of  Jesus and Mary College. It was introduced to augment practical application of Economics  in day to day life, for students who wish to dive into it deeper. Macro and Micro are a tad  bit abstract and hence the newsletter treads on issues circulating in the markets, teases  readers with crosswords and also shares fun Did You Know facts.  To view the content please visit: https://thecontrarianjmc.wordpress.com/category/newsletter/  The editorial board has also started a blog by the same name where it discusses issues with  the audience. Any debate is left incomplete without thorough discussion, exchange of ideas  and also a few heated arguments! The beginner’s issue of the blog discusses the demand of  the citizens of Greece to go Anti-Austerity. Many of you would argue that protracted austerity has not taken Greece anywhere and has only enfeebled its markets further. It has to constantly  beg before the mighty Germany to provide monetary support. However, the pragmatic economists  would argue that to get back on track, humiliation has to be faced. After all it was the hedonistic  Greek government that led the country to this debacle.  Arguments and discussions are encouraged and corrections are most welcome! The Contrarian  invites you to enlighten with your views and start a debate on any topic that impassions you. 

Hindu Mahasabha and Valentine’s Day

As every Story has a Villain,so does our "Desi Villains of Videshi Festival" has...Yah You Guessed it Right! I am Talking about Hindu Mahasabha...