Salman Khan Sir, Killing is not a Mistake It’s a Crime – All Hail Justice

Today! The whole social media is going bonkers just for one verdict. A verdict which should had been declared like years ago. Now a days the mentality of people goes like a crime is a crime if a common man commits it but a crime is not just as horrible as any other crime committed by a famous man. Everyone in this nation talks about equality but certainly many of the tweets and posts shows that how wrong our nation’s perceptive is. It is one of the rarest times in history when people are craving for injustice when the court have served justice.

It’s not like I’m not disheartened by the verdict, obviously we all are, but all the sympathies are given to the famous star Mr. Salman Khan but what about the humanity towards that poor human who have lost his life and what about all other injured people whose life was already miserable but now it have been worsened to utmost level. A case of drunk and driving going more fatal and be a case of hit and run have worsened the scenario more and have proven Mr. Khan guilty as charged, which was committed in the year 2002. A very similar case was lodged in 1999 known as BMW Hit and Run case, whose verdict was declared in 2008, became a good example for the Bollywood to create a movie on, which was Jolly LLB.

Based on the recent events held in India it can be seen that if a common man like me or like you commits this hideous crime a rally or a strike or a march or a protest would be held in all of the nation against us and asking the court to declare the result as soon as possible but if a star does it, then it becomes a havoc against the verdict given. It is rightly said in the movie Jolly LLB that “Footpath is not meant for sleeping isn’t that what you said? But Mr. Rajpal, a footpath isn’t meant to be driven on either”. So manifestly many stars who are making the crude comment over poverty and homeless people should look around and comprehend the situation, so as for Mr. Abhijeet Bhattacharya the famous singer who have tweeted “Kutta rd pe soyega kutte ki maut marega, roads garib ke baap ki nahi hai I was homeles an year nvr slept on road”  this clearly shows how insensitive he is and it doesn’t make him any more human by showing his support to Mr. Khan as it only shows his hatred towards the victims.

This verdict that Salman khan has been sentenced to jail for 5yrs has again restored some faith of the citizens in Indian Jurisdiction that the guilty one is convicted instead of letting him free. People are tweeting about how the law wasn’t “BHAIsed” towards the star. Our deepest sympathy is with ‘The Dabang Chulbul Pandey’ of the Bollywood and his family and the cheers to the humanity which have been served right. And our message to Mr. Khan is Sir the people who are actually human, they do not need to write it on their T-shirts and make show of it.


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