Hostlers v/s Day scholars

After the rat race of admissions,the next thing students have to decide is where to stay?
Accommodation is the next big issue that students face, especially the outstation students.For such students hostel is the very first option.Hostel life is always seen as a carefree life.Whenever we hear the word “hostel” the words like independence, excitement, fun, friends comes to our mind.But there are those as well for whom staying away from family and meeting new people is like a nightmare.On the other hand, day scholars get the privilege to live with their family.After all, home is where the heart is.We can not deny the kind of care we get in our homes and also it prevents dealing with the issues like hostel ragging, bad food etc. Both the lives have its own pros and cons.Hostel is a place, where students make completely independent decisions, which is helpful in the long run. In the hostel, where you have no one to pamper you and where you have to do all the chores on your own, you become even more responsible and mature. There, you meet new people and come to know about their ideologies.The hesitation of being among new people flies away and you become more confident and extrovert. But It’s all up to students how they use the freedom, they get in a hostel.The freedom of hostel is often misused without guidance and overlook of parents, students are misguided. They begin to smoke, gamble and drink. Some students spend money lavishly and end up borrowing money from their friends. Whereas day scholars are always under the shelter of their near and dear ones.They always have someone to take care of them.They always have someone to help them out in making decisions whenever they are in dilemma.At home,they get the most hygienic food and of course there is nothing better than the food cooked by mom. The disadvantage is it makes them dependent on their family. They become lazy and prefer being spoon-fed. In short, no life is perfect, the most important thing is how you balance everything and lead a happy life.
Student life is the most amazing part of the life. So whichever life you choose for yourself, make sure you are on the right track and live your life to the fullest.

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