Bomb threat received in DU College

Delhi University’s Ram Lal Anand College received the bomb threat call after that college was evacuated.

On Thursday, March 7, Ram Lal Anand, renowned College of Delhi University, received a call of a bomb threat. After that, the college administration became active and took it seriously. The college immediately informed the police.

Bomb threat received in DU College

According to the reports, the call was received at around 9:34 a.m., and the police force came along with the ambulance, Bomb Disposal Squad (B.D.S.), and Bomb Disposal Teams (B.D.T.) on the college campus.

Police actively evacuated the college campus from the students and staff. Teams start searching and investigating the whole college area after being evacuated completely. The situation got panicky.

DCP South West Rohit Meena said, “There were no bomb traces, and something suspicious was found on the campus.” The police are investigating the details of the call. In this context, the police issued a FIR.

It had also been said that this was an international call. The police are trying to search for the person who made the threatened call. Last month, a threat email was also received by the Delhi Public School after the whole school was evacuated from students and staff by the police, but there was no suspicious activity found. One email was also received at the Amity International School, but there was also no suspicious activity found by the police.

There were more bomb threats received in other parts of the country. According to the reports, Karnataka CM also got the bomb threat over the email with a ransom demand of $2.5 million.

Some days ago, Delhi IGI airport also got a bomb threat call for a Delhi-Kolkata flight. The bomb threat for the Spice Jet flight also came.

Several Chennai schools also got the bomb threat this year and sent students home. The police and IT cells are continuing to track the origin of these calls and emails.


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