TEDxJMC has announced the fourth edition of ‘UNediTED’ as part of Montage 2024

TEDxJMC has announced the fourth edition of ‘UNediTED’ as part of Montage

TEDx events have been known for their innovation, inspiration and the exploration of their outstanding and outspoken ideas. There are more than thousands of TEDx events worldwide and among them TEDxJMC stands out as bonfire intellectual discourse and creative expression. TEDxJMC, hosted at Jesus and Mary College(JMC) in New Delhi, has established itself as a unique platform where a variety of perspectives come together to initiate discussion and drive transformative action.

TEDxJMC has announced the fourth edition of ‘UNediTED’ as part of Montage 2024. It’s is open for all expressive actors , musicians, dancers, speakers, comedians , rappers, poets, and anyone eager about the stage to showcase theirs talents as UNediTED is a platform that celebrates diverse ideas and creative expression. TEDxJMC is a significant platform for value-added ideas from Technology and Science to art and social activism. At TEDxJMC, a wide array of human pursuits is celebrated. Speakers who are professional in their fields captivate spectators with their TED style presentations which typically lasts for around 18 minutes.

Get ready for an exhilarating performance by Delhi Indie Project at UNediTED 4.0. Join this event to immerse yourself in the infectious energy of Delhi’s premier indie rock band.

Registration are open now and last date is 13th March 2024. Click on the link below to register yourself.


Important thing to be noted that all Non-JMC students need to fill montage registration form as well, without which you won’t be allowed to enter. The montage registration link is provided below.


The event will be held from 15thMarch to 16th March 2024 at JMC, Delhi. Registration closes on 13TH MARCH. Don’t miss out! only top 15 performers will be selected, so apply now!

For any queries you can contact to Curation Head : Nandana Francis (8375067522)

Husaina Nadir (93027 26675)

In conclusion, UNediTed 2024 promises to be an enlightening and thought-provoking event that celebrates the power of ideas to shape the future. By bringing together diverse perspectives and unconventional thinkers, TEDxJMC invites us to imagine a world where anything is possible and encourages us to take bold steps towards realizing.

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