A Guide to Viral Fashion Trends

Instagram fashion and beauty trends have taken over all our feeds. With so many aesthetics trending all around, it becomes confusing to navigate them. Take Barbie Core or cottagecore for example; we’ve all heard these terms popping up during our conversations and felt a little bit lost. Let’s explore some of these viral trends that are worth investing in and don’t encourage fast fashion.


  • Mob Wife Aesthetic

Just as the name suggests, the mob wife aesthetic is inspired by female characters from movies and TV series such as ‘The Godfather’ and ‘The Sopranos’ who enact the role of women who are either married or born into mob families. An outfit with this aesthetic is mostly a monochromatic black look with a fur jacket that looks like it belongs to the 80s. This style is completed with shiny pumps, luxury bags, and a lot of gold jewelry. Fur jackets and animal prints are timeless fashion staples that can be used as a statement piece to elevate any outfit. If you enjoy having vintage clothes in your wardrobe and are unafraid to go big, this trend may be it for you.


  • Coquette Aesthetic

The coquette is a hyper-feminine aesthetic that incorporates aspects of teenage girlhood in it. Similar to the obsession with pink and frills which are both symbols of girlhood, this aesthetic is also about embracing bows, laces, pastels, and overall just delicate pieces of clothing. The coquette is also often associated with the artist Lana Del Rey due to her songs focusing on exploring girlhood. If wearing lighter shades and accessorizing with dainty jewelry is your style, this might be a great way for you to reminisce about your teen hood and keep up with the ongoing trend at the same time.


  • The Cherry Red

Red has always been the ‘It girl’ color even before it came to be part of the viral trends this past year. The craze about the Cherry red is all about including the shade in your outfit to level it up, be it a piece of clothing or an accessory. Cherry red is not a true blood red; instead, it is a shade of burgundy with an undertone of berry. Red is a color associated with confidence and wearing it also may make people perceive you as a bold and confident person. It is a great idea to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe because Red lips, red nails, and red heels are a combination that has always been considered evergreen and iconic.


  • Office Siren

The office siren aesthetic is one that has been gaining momentum ever since Miu Miu had their Fall/Winter 2023 Fashion show. This trend is being used as a way to dress fashionably for the office while maintaining the dress code. This aesthetic is said to be inspired by the Y2K street style Fashion. The Bayonetta glasses are also a huge part of it as seen to make the outfit seem smart. Minute changes such as opting for heeled Mary Jane’s instead of sneakers, and wearing pencil skirts and blazers of good fitting are ways you can join this trend. Investing in Fashionable office wear is a way to romanticize this basic task and make you feel good about yourself.


  • Cottagecore

Cottagecore is an aesthetic inspired by the romanticized interpretation of traditional English countryside style in the modern day. It is also said to be a continuation of the soft girl aesthetic which consists of outfits that are light and feminine. This aesthetic comprises floral patterns, puff sleeves, and long, flowy dresses. It encourages adopting a simpler lifestyle similar to the one in rural areas. While we may not have the time in today’s world to bake our bread and grow our vegetables, cottagecore fashion is a way to commemorate that lifestyle and look cute at the same time.


Fashion Trends come and go and while keeping up with them is a great way to stay fashionable, it is also important to understand the consequences of fast fashion and the harm it causes to our environment. It is alright to buy items of clothing that are trending but only if they are something that you can style and wear outside of just one rigid outfit representing an aesthetic.

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