Five Most Common Fashion Blunders That You Should NEVER Make

Clothes are something that describe you because what you wear is what you are. And a fashion blunder can prove to be the biggest nightmare. Stay away from fashion disasters like you’d stay away from plague! Here are top five most common fashion blunders you are likely to make! 

Fashion Blunders

Most of the women and some men worship fashion, and in today’s world where everyone is so conscious about what to wear and what not, I don’t think you would like to make an exception in that respect.

You would never dream of making an obvious fashion faux pas (striped shirt with checked bottoms? Never!) But even dedicated fashionistas sometimes run the risk of making style snafus. Fashion has had its fair share of blunders through the ages, so it’s not just you! Here are fashion traps to avoid, with the fixes listed at the end of each:

Just Because It Zips, Doesn’t Mean It Fits

Most of us make this mistake. Yes, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The fit should always be the primary factor in garment selection. No matter how gorgeous the dress or how sharp the jacket, if it does not fit properly you may as well leave it on the rack. Despite knowing how important fit is, most of us tend to buy clothes that are either too tight or too loose. We buy things with the intention of losing weight to fit into them. Oh yes we do! After a few weeks of buying those not-so-fit garments, we either forget about them, or gasp, we wear them anyway!

Fix? Always try things on. That’s the best way to avoid all the fitting issues.
Remember: If it gapes, gathers, bunches, or pulls, it does not fit. And if you have to pull, tug, smooth, readjust it every few minutes, it isn’t meant for you.

Socks With Sandals! Ugh!

Do NOT make this mistake EVER! Never wear socks with sandals or with anything else, except shoes. Socks are meant to be worn with shoes and wearing them with sandals, or floaters, will make you look tacky. This monstrous fashion mistake could perhaps be forgiven if there was a practical purpose for pairing socks with sandals, but there isn’t any. If it’s cold enough to warrant wearing socks, then your feet will feel warmer in shoes. It is an ultimate fashion no no, it’s an abhorred practice performed only by anti-social dorks. Just don’t.

Too Much Branding

Becoming a walking advertising board? Come on, we all love labels, but a little discretion is never a bad thing. Less is more after all. There’s nothing wrong with being a label-lover, but discretion is the name of the game. Invest in a label because you love the fabric, quality and the fit. Most of the Indians do that, spending their lifesavings on pieces that feature prominent logos or branding only shows others that they are more concerned with status than substance.

Miss-Matched Attire

Yes, I’m talking about wearing white stilettos with a red dress or wearing the same colour from top to bottom without any colour code breaker or too much of animal print, yuck!. Big NO! Use a style guide please? And of course, never make the mistake of blindly following anyone. Take the help of the mirror, or maybe you could ask a friend for an honest opinion.

Too Many Accessories

We’ve all been there, done that. All of us have committed the fashion faux pas of wearing thousands of bracelets, with oversized earrings, a chunky necklace, and a huge bedazzled belt… all at the same time. Oh you haven’t? Well the fashion gods are smiling down upon you. For the rest of us, we have these favourite pieces of jewellery or accessories that we love to wear. The problem is, most of these things don’t need to be all worn at once. So, make a statement by keeping things simple.

Know a common blunder that I missed here? Fire your thoughts in the comments below!

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