7 things every fresher should know before going to college

…….“Chod aaye hum…vo School ki galiyaan..”

Indeed, the transition from School life to College life is like a turning point in a student’s life. After passing with flying colours in class 12th, every student wishes to be a part of Delhi University. In fact, Delhi University is considered to be the “Dream University of every Indian student”. The very thought of going to college brings about excitement, infinite plans, end number of dreams and what not. But college life is not that easy as it seems to be. Despite knowing many facts about Delhi University, every fresher must be aware about certain things before going to college. They are described as below:

  1. Don’t get overwhelmed as every student will either be a topper or better than you:

It has been generally observed that when students take admission in their dream college, especially colleges like SRCC, St. Stephens, Hindu, KMC, Hansraj, etc., they become overwhelmed. The feeling that other students are at par with them or they are even better than them in some or the other activity, makes them insecure. ‘Are yaar, use toh mujhse bhi zyada certificates milein hai’ develops complex feeling in them. This takes place in women colleges very often because of the cut-throat competition among girls. Students should understand the fact that no one is more or less, everybody has their own hobbies, interests and areas of specialisation.


  1. Don’t stay away from campus and classes in the first week:

You must have heard students saying, “Yaar, College is all about bunks. Mai tohh pehle week se hi classes bunk krunga.” But it is advisable not to stay away from campus and classes in the first week. First week is very important as teachers tell you about the syllabus and the pattern of study in the first week itself. Added to this, it is said that “First impression counts”, so this is the best time to build rapport with teachers and also befriend seniors. This is the most appropriate time you can build up friendships and links in the college.


  1. Do what you love – Join as many societies as you can:

College is not just about studies. It is full of other activities and opportunities as well. You must have heard about Debating Society, Arts and Culture Society, Dramatics Society, Enactus Society, Fashion Society etc. Students should not be shy to participate. They should participate in as many societies as they can. The advantage of participating in various societies is that you get a chance to sharpen your skills and learn new things as well. Moreover, you get a chance to make new friends and most importantly, the certificates of these societies help you build up your resume.


  1. Don’t overdo things to impress others:

A common mistake most of the freshers make is that in order to seek attention and to get noticed, they overdo things. It can be their dressing sense, make-up, carrying cell-phones or showing off that they have studied for the internals. You must have heard students saying “Yehh jeans Levi’s ki hai” and “Maine tohh internals ke liye sabb kuch pdliya.”  This may look appealing to you, but it actually creates a bad impression about your personality on others. So, make sure you don’t do such things and do everything wisely.


  1. Bring your own Lunch – Don’t depend too much on Canteen food:

Most of the freshers find it useless to bring their own ‘Dabba’ to college. For them, the College Canteen is their ultimate saviour. ‘Mummy, lunch mt do, Canteen tohh hai hi, vhin se kuch kha lunga’ is the signature dialogue of almost every DU student. But the case should not be like this. Students must carry their own lunch boxes if they are coming from distant places. They should not depend too much on canteen food. There is nothing like home made food- it is full of nutrients and fibres. So make sure, when you go to college next time, don’t forget to take your lunch box with you.


  1. Don’t say YES to all the responsibilities on the first day:

It is advisable not to take up all the responsibilities on the very first day. It should be done after doing proper analysis of the things. You will find a lot many seniors coming to you and helping you on the very first day, but believe me friends, it’s a ‘Trap’. You will come to know their purpose in the month of September, when they are going to ask you to do campaigning for them and to vote for them. Therefore, don’t say ‘Yes’ to all the responsibilities on the first day such as doing campaigning for someone, becoming CR (Class Representative) of the class, etc.


  1. “College Life is not a MOVIE, it is the REAL WORLD”- Expect less:

How many of you have watched movies like ‘Student of the Year’ and ‘3 Idiots’? …Almost, every one. If you have watched such movies and you are thinking that your college life is going to be phenomenal and incredible just like your favourite movie ‘Student of the Year’, then trust me friend, you are going the WRONG way. College life is not that incredible as you see in movies. It is a glimpse of the real world – how the actual world is, how the people from all walks of life adjust with each other, how you need to handle your problems etc. The real college life is full of struggle, hardships and difficulties as compared to the reel college life which is, way, too beautiful. In your initial days, everyone tries to be your friend to build up their own army. But what you can do is to wait for some days and evaluate people. Remember one thing, you are going to meet all kinds of people, so be ready for that. Students, especially freshers, expect too much from their college life and consider it to be some another world, which should not be the case. So, expect less, and be a little more practical.

In the nutshell, College life is crucial, incredible and enjoyable but simultaneously, it is full of obstacles and hardships. You need to do everything wisely and take every decision after weighing the pros and cons of the situation. Remember one thing, whether your college life is going to be best or worst, depends upon you. YOU will be the one to make it ‘A Golden chapter of your life’ and not a ‘Black stain on the book of your life’. All the very best for your college life!

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